Traffic Court Ventura

Traffic Courthouse in Ventura Ventura is one of California’s most popular attractions for people who love the outdoors; whether it’s for surfing the beaches or RV camping, there’s never a shortage of vehicular traffic. Getting slapped with a traffic ticket is just a normal everyday occurrence on the 101 freeway or while cruising around downtown. […]

Traffic Court Santa Barbara

Traffic Courthouse in Santa Barbara With its abundance of tourist attractions Santa Barbara can be somewhat of a hotbed of motor vehicle violations. Regardless of how aware and cautious a driver is, there are city visitors who may not be used to navigating the local streets and travel patterns. Dodging between bustling residents and unacquainted […]

Traffic Court San Luis Obispo

Traffic Courthouse in San Luis Obispo You’ve decided to fight your San Luis Obispo traffic ticket, attempting to keep your driving record clean and avoid paying higher insurance premiums. That’s a great decision. There are two traffic court locations in San Luis Obispo county, applicable depending on where you live: North county Paso Robles location: San […]

Traffic Court San Diego

Traffic Courthouse in San Diego San Diego is a gorgeous city with tons of places for entertainment and a solid economy. Extensive highways let you get around town whether visiting the city’s zoos and parks or commuting to work. When you spend a large amount of time driving back and forth from work on congested […]

Traffic Court Riverside

Traffic Courthouse in Riverside Is everyone who is ticketed for reckless driving a maniac seeking to wreak as much havoc as possible on the roadway? Almost certainly not. Many, if not most, of the drivers who receive such tickets just made a thoughtless mistake, had a temporary lapse in judgment, took their eyes off the road […]

Traffic Court Los Angeles

Traffic Courthouse in Los Angeles No matter how careful and conscientious a driver you are, you can still find yourself stuck with a traffic ticket. The fine isn’t the only issue, you could also suffer additional consequences. If you’ve been slapped with a Los Angeles traffic ticket, your insurance rates can go up, and if […]

Traffic Court Kern

Traffic Courthouse in Kern County So, you’ve received a citation for speeding or a red light ticket in Kern County. Are you thinking that it’s not a big deal? Think again. Red light tickets in particular can carry some of the heftiest fines, and any moving violation on your record can result in driving points that […]

Traffic Court Orange

Traffic Courthouse in Orange County Getting an Orange traffic ticket is frustrating and the aftermath can be confusing. You may be wondering what steps you need to take next. The most important information to know is where your local traffic ticket court is located and how to get in touch with a lawyer. Here’s our […]

Traffic Court Monterey

Traffic Courthouse in Monterey If you’re searching for details on Monterey’s traffic ticket court, you’re in the right place. Below is our comprehensive guide to finding a traffic court in Monterey and resolving your ticket. No matter what type of Monterey traffic ticket you’re facing, from reckless driving to DUI, The Ticket Clinic is here to […]

Traffic Court Imperial

Traffic Courthouse in Imperial County Everyone knows that accidents happen in life all the time, at home, at work or when driving. Even when you have the spectacular highways of the Imperial Valley largely to yourself, accidents can still occur for many reasons: Poorly maintained roads Bad weather conditions Off-road vehicle collision Wildlife collision Distraction […]