Traffic Court Ventura

Traffic Courthouse in Ventura

Ventura is one of California’s most popular attractions for people who love the outdoors; whether it’s for surfing the beaches or RV camping, there’s never a shortage of vehicular traffic. Getting slapped with a traffic ticket is just a normal everyday occurrence on the 101 freeway or while cruising around downtown. Most citations can be contested in the traffic ticket court on Victoria Avenue by submitting a not-guilty plea. If you’ve been charged with a more serious offense, such as being caught driving with a suspended license, you should seek the assistance of one of our experienced traffic-law attorneys to prevent hefty fines or jail time.

Contesting Reckless Driving Charges

Minor moving-violation citations issued through a Ventura traffic ticket can be disputed by asserting your innocence in court. Misdemeanor offenses, however, such a reckless driving ticket, come with harsher penalties and a traffic-law attorney should help you through the legal process. Unlike paying a fine and moving on with your life, a misdemeanor traffic offense can result in jail time and a permanent mark on your driving record. This is when you need one of our seasoned and knowledgeable lawyers at your side.

What To Expect When Contesting a Reckless Driving Charge:

  • Previous reckless driving convictions could make it a more serious offense.
  • Prosecutors must prove you caused some type of harm, damage or injury.
  • Evidence must be presented that you were driving with “wanton disregard” for the safety of other people or property.
  • A conviction could lead to a jail sentence anywhere from five to 90 days.
  • There could be a fine between $145 and $1,000.
  • Defenses could be asserted such as there have been an emergency.

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