Traffic Court San Luis Obispo

Traffic Courthouse in San Luis Obispo

You’ve decided to fight your San Luis Obispo traffic ticket, attempting to keep your driving record clean and avoid paying higher insurance premiums. That’s a great decision. There are two traffic court locations in San Luis Obispo county, applicable depending on where you live:

  • North county Paso Robles location: San Luis Obispo Superior Court at 901 Park Street, Paso Robles, California.
  • Central SLO County location: Veteran’s Memorial Building at 801 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, California.
  • South county Grover Beach area assigned location: Veteran’s Memorial Building, 801 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo.

These locations are the same regardless whether you’re fighting adult or juvenile tickets. Instead of waiting for your citation to show up in the mail – it can get lost – it’s a good idea to contact a speeding ticket lawyer immediately after receiving your ticket.

How The Ticket Clinic Can Help With Speeding Ticket Violations

Having the assistance of a law firm dedicated to traffic ticket court is a huge boost to your case. That’s because our experienced attorneys know the ins and outs of California’s driving laws intimately.

We can analyze and disprove:

  • Laser evidence
  • Radar evidence
  • Drone evidence

Why It’s Best To Get Immediate Assistance in the Case of Traffic Accidents

If you’ve recently been in a traffic accident, it’s very important to contact an accident ticket lawyer immediately. This is especially critical if someone was injured in the accident. That’s because San Luis Obispo police officers are tasked with assigning blame, even if your vehicle was the only one involved.

At The Ticket Clinic, we have attorneys dedicated specifically to traffic accidents who can clear your name – and your driving record – before it impacts your insurance premiums or leads to a heavy fine. We can represent you in court, forcing the state to provide proof that you were the one driving and that you actually committed a traffic violation. Winning keeps points off of your license.

Contact Our Attorneys Right Away

At The Ticket Clinic, we keep your reputation and driving record safe in traffic ticket court. Get in touch with us right away at 1 (800) 248-2846 or fill out our online form for assistance.