Traffic Court Imperial

Traffic Courthouse in Imperial County

Everyone knows that accidents happen in life all the time, at home, at work or when driving. Even when you have the spectacular highways of the Imperial Valley largely to yourself, accidents can still occur for many reasons:

  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Off-road vehicle collision
  • Wildlife collision
  • Distraction due to emergencies

If you add in the factor of other drivers due to Imperial’s booming population growth, traffic accidents become even more common. Unfortunately, in California the consequences for being involved in a collision can go way beyond sore muscles and vehicle repairs. Police will try to assign blame for the accident, which can lead to excessive fines and steep insurance premium increases if you’re charged.

Where to Fight Your Accident Ticket in Imperial Traffic Court

You’re legally allowed to fight your Imperial traffic ticket instead of paying a fine. Hiring an experienced accident ticket lawyercan keep negative points off of your license and keep insurance companies from seeing a serious violation on your driving record. The key is to take action immediately.

In Imperial County, that means taking your case to the traffic ticket court at one of these three locations:

  • El Centro Courthouse at 939 West Main Street in El Centro, California
  • Brawley Courthouse at 220 Main Street in Brawley, California
  • Traffic Infractions Court at 1625 West Main Street in El Centro, California

Don’t Fight Alone

At The Ticket Clinic, our excellent team of attorneys have extensive experience fighting everything from DUIs to moving violations successfully. Because we’re more than a paperwork handling service and actually offer legal representation, we can have your case dismissed if authorities didn’t follow procedures to the letter or lack proper evidence.

With millions of successful cases under our belt, you can trust us to keep your driving record safe. If you authorize it, your speeding ticket lawyer or traffic accident lawyer will take care of absolutely everything in traffic court so you can go on with your life.