‘You Are Being Watched’- Red Light Cameras

September 11, 2014

It goes without saying that red light cameras are life savers in cities, where reckless driving and speeding are a common sight. There has been considerable decrease in red light crashes at crossings after the installations of cameras. This technology that could be used to prevent accidents is more often used for generating revenues in the form of Traffic Tickets. As the primary focus shifts, people in many localities are opposing the adoption of these traffic lights in streets.

How the red-light cameras work?

No matter if it is a maneuver without stopping or red light running, which of course is life killing, you are being watched constantly. If you have violated traffic rules, there is no escape as the cameras are in the act of ceaseless snapping and you will be caught with evidence.

The induction loops, prepared from layering 2 electrical wires, used in the red light systems are buried underground, from where the process actually begins. A power source is connected to the wires which supplies electricity, and the current is measured by the connected meter. The power source creates Magnetic field which sends continuous flow of electricity through the wires which can be measured. The system turns on when the traffic light turns red. If a vehicle travels beyond the expected speed in a red light stop, the meter detects the shift in the electric flow and a signal is sent to the computer that operates the camera.

Where are these cameras located?

In order to catch the lawbreakers at various angles, the red light systems uses cameras positioned at 4 corners of an intersection. If a vehicle passes through the induction loop, the camera starts endless snapping. Important details like date, time, speed, and elapsed time from when the light first turned red are recorded and attached to the image. In no time, these evidences are sent to you and with all the details you cannot deny your mistake.

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