What You Should Do if You Get a Speeding Ticket in California

April 23, 2015

It is normal to get annoyed when you are charged with a speeding ticket, but you shouldn’t show your anger towards the officer. One should know how to handle the situation, as it could help you fight your speeding tickets easily. Police officer takes note of every situation and if he feels you are gentle enough, he will ease the situation. Turn on the lights of the car, so that the officer can see into the car and it will lighten the mood. To show your complete submission, you can keep your hands on the steering wheel or on sight. Here are few things you should do when you are asked to pull over.

Avoid arguing with the officer

Your attitude also determines the severity of the charges. As soon as you see the lights flashing behind you and hears ‘pull over’ you should slow down your vehicle and safely pull over and wait for the police officer. Even if you know why you are stopped, you should ask the police officer politely for the reason. Keeping your calm is one of the best ways to handle the situation. The police officer might charge you for the wrong reasons, and arguing with him will not make things easier for you.

Avoid admissions of guilt

You should refrain from any kind of guilt admissions. You should keep in mind, that any statements during such situations will be used against you in the court. When you get the California speeding ticket, you should be extra careful not to admit anything. If the officer feels you are honest and your actions were not intentional, he might leave you with just a warning.

Note all the details

As soon as you reach home, you should remember and note down all the details. When you decide to fight the speeding ticket, all this information will be useful. You should explain everything to the California traffic ticket. By studying your case carefully, he will present the necessary evidence in the court and increases your chances of winning the case.

If you receive traffic tickets in California get in touch with our experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney to discuss about your case.