What Should You Do When You Get Your First Red Light Ticket

June 15, 2015

Red light ticket California can leaves you frustrated and fuming owing to their outrageous nature; they are known for that. The high fines are a torment mentally and for your wallets. You can, however, alleviate the distresses imposed by playing smart.

Red light ticket: Your strategy to beat it

Red light cameras have to conform to stringent rules and regulations state by state for the validity of the tickets to stay. If the cameras fail to adhere to the rules in their entirety, you stand the chance of having the ticket dismissed.

You need to contest the ticket by going to the traffic court. Never pay the fine without moving the court as you would lose your ticket challenging right. Always remember this to have an upper hand in the case.

It is better to have an experienced attorney represent you. He can come up with various strategies in your defence. Possible options include proving the malfunctioning of the traffic signal, or the transience of yellow light which prepared the ground for jumping the red light, or that elements beyond your control obscured the field of vision. The judge can be convinced to not uphold the ticket if your attorney can establish that a harm of a more severe nature (such as colliding with another car, hitting a pedestrian) would have taken place if you had not jumped the red light. It is not a crime to save yourself or others from an apparent harm by compromising the red light rule. After all, rules were made with good intentions.

If an officer had intercepted you on an intersection or after monitoring a camera, you need to challenge the credibility of the officer’s statement to get the verdict in your favor. Circumstantial evidence like pictures, eyewitnesses, testimonies regarding the position of the officer should be collected to prove that the officer was not appropriately positioned to have watched you commit the infraction.

The experience of the attorney counts. He can argue that since the officer had a personal vendetta against you, he had charged you wrongly or else the officer’s poor eyesight had failed him. You need to collect evidence to establish your point. Obviously the hired attorney may do the job but to catalyse the whole process, effort from your part is crucial.

Your attorney may challenge the clarity of pictures captured by the camera or the ticketing agency’s inefficiency to collect the right license plate number.

So, when you get your first red light ticket Los Angeles, you have a number of options to exercise and get out scot free. You can be tension free if you have entrusted the job to the best attorneys in California

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