Top 10 Driving Distractions & How To Avoid Being Distracted Behind The Wheel

July 17, 2018

Every time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, you are operating a machine that has the power to cause massive amounts of damage. With bad traffic congestion and frequently using the same routes, it is easy to stop paying attention to the road and focus on other things that seem more important in the moment, like an email or texting. However, it is critical to focus on driving safely and carefully.

Are you a distracted driver? Here are the top ten distractions drivers face when they are on the road. Even if you are not experiencing them all, the drivers around you may very well be susceptible to them.

Zoning Out

At the top of the list is zoning out or just a general lack of attention. This would include daydreaming or looking at scenery as well. This is often the culprit of minor accidents like fender benders, in which case you will need an accident ticket lawyer. However, a surprising number of fatal crashes are due to a general lack of awareness.

Sleep Deprivation

When drivers do not get enough sleep, their mental clarity and ability to make judgements on the road is significantly impaired. This applies to a multitude of people who get up early every morning and tend to stay up late in the evenings.

Use of a Mobile Phone

Most people are constantly traveling with their phones and every conversation seems important. The California texting while driving law prohibits any driver from viewing, composing, or sending a text message at any time while behind the wheel. This is the most likely distraction to result in a reckless driving ticket.


Lots of people slow down to observe the aftermath of an accident or even on the other side of the street. This not only distracts the drivers but also creates traffic irregularities that require more awareness to drive through safely.


Whether it is merely a conversation or trying to comfort a baby, having other people in the car while you are driving is a distraction. Unless your passenger is sleeping or silent, having passengers always increases your focus on what goes on inside your vehicle rather than on the road.

Eating While Driving

It is understandable why many people eat in their cars, sometimes on a daily basis. However, having your hands on food and drinks not only steals your focus but also your ability to respond appropriately in a dangerous situation.

Reaching for Something

When reaching for a dropped object a driver often pulls the steering wheel towards the object they are reaching for, causing the vehicle to turn unexpectedly. In these situations, the risk of an accident increases dramatically.

Adjusting Controls in the Vehicle

Changing the radio station or fixing the air conditioning can be a distraction for a driver, especially if a specific setting is desired. It is best to leave these kinds of adjustments until you can come to a complete stop, or better yet, take care of them before you start driving.

Moving Objects in the Vehicle

Traveling with a pet loose in your vehicle or accidentally letting a bug inside can easily steal your attention from the task of driving. Pets can also unintentionally hit the gear shift or trigger an emergency brake.


Like eating while driving, lighting a cigarette requires two hands, but it also requires more attention so you don’t burn yourself or anything else. Putting it out is also a distraction, because you must make sure it is completely put out without damaging your car and then deposit it somewhere.

Driving is serious and distracted driving can result in a ticket. If your distractions have gotten you into trouble on the road, the Ticket Clinic is here to help. Contact us to learn how our attorneys can help you recover from your mistake and get back on the road carefree.