How to Avoid Future Driving Tickets

June 4, 2018

Getting a traffic ticket is not only nerve-wracking and embarrassing, but it can cut into your busy day as well. Depending on your driving history, a traffic ticket could even mean an increase in your car insurance rates. A speeding ticket deferral may help in this area, but it’s not always possible to get one. Fortunately, you have a lot more power than you think when it comes to avoiding traffic violations that will get you pulled over. Here are a few tips for avoiding speeding tickets and other types of driving tickets.

Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

Did you know some vehicles are more likely to draw attention from law enforcement officers than others? To avoid becoming a “cop magnet,” choose your vehicle wisely. If your car is equipped with an obnoxious loud exhaust, officers are more likely to notice you. Likewise, if you have a flashy paint job or dark-tinted windows, you’re more likely to get pulled over than someone driving a reasonable-looking vehicle.

Learn Defensive Driving Techniques

Every driver should learn and implement defensive driving techniques, especially those who want to know how to avoid a traffic ticket. Here are a few defensive driving strategies you should start practicing today:

  • Minimize distractions in your vehicle
  • Always maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you
  • Adjust your speed and following distance for current weather and traffic conditions
  • Always look ahead to anticipate any potential problems or hazards
  • Drive within the posted speed limit

These skills are not only great ways to avoid getting pulled over, but they may help you avoid a collision as well.

Don’t Drive a Cop Magnet

The vehicle you drive may mean the difference between getting pulled over or not. If your car has a flashy paint job and loud exhaust, the cops may be more tempted to stop you. Additionally, you should keep your car relatively clean. If your windows are completely obstructed from dust or your vehicle is covered in dents, the police may think you are an unsafe driver and pull you over. If this happens, you’ll need to call a reckless driving ticket fixer.

Fight Tickets When Appropriate

If you feel like you’ve been issued a ticket unfairly, you can fight it. You may be able to get the ticket excused or at least get a speeding ticket deferral. These tips can quickly become habits when practiced regularly. In general, when you abide by the laws of the road and remain attentive at all times, your chances of getting a ticket are very slim.

Getting a traffic ticket at some point is inevitable. You should seek legal help whenever you get a traffic ticket. Here’s where to find the best accident ticket lawyer.