9 Urgent Must-Dos if You Lose Your Driver’s License

June 4, 2018

Did you lose your driver’s license due to an unforeseen situation? Check out this guide for reinstating your license.

  1. Know the Reason for the Suspension

In California, it may be because you fail to appear in traffic court, don’t pay your ticket or don’t have proof of car insurance.

  1. Know How Long the Suspension Is

The length of the suspension depends on your offense. Minor offenses may mean a loss for as little as one month. More serious offenses could mean no driving for a year or longer.

  1. Learn if There Are Any Exceptions

In rare cases, you may receive some driving privileges, such as the ability to drive to and from work. Check with the courts to determine if this is the case. Never assume you’re allowed to drive. You may need to seek out the best suspended license attorneys to help you gain privileges.

  1. Find Alternate Transportation

You probably can’t afford to sit at home while you have no license. Start asking family or friends for help or seek out local public transportation options.

  1. Head to Traffic Court

Depending on the infraction, you may need to take extra steps to regain driving privileges. For example, if you were charged with reckless driving, you may need to attend traffic court.

  1. Pay Your Fines

If an accident ticket cleaner couldn’t help you in court, you’ll need to pay your fines. This could include court costs. You likely won’t get your license back until you pay them.

  1. Purchase Car Insurance

If your lack of insurance caused the loss of license, you must purchase insurance before you can drive again. Expect to pay more now that you have a mark on your driving record.

  1. Hire an Attorney

A traffic accident ticket lawyer can help you determine if you’ve done everything you need to do to reinstate your driving privileges.

  1. Wait for Reinstatement

Once you’ve done what you need to reinstate your license, play the waiting game. It could take up to two weeks after “doing your time” for your license to be reinstated.

For more information about fighting license suspension or to get help with an unpaid license suspension ticket, contact The Ticket Clinic.