5 Ways Police Bust People for Cell Phone Use

March 21, 2018

No one needs to inform you that you shouldn’t text and drive–you already know this with all the constant awareness campaigns going around. But even though you know you shouldn’t do it, sometimes you do. Your phone helps you stay connected and it can be difficult to resist using it while you drive.

If you get caught for distracted driving, you may need help from a careless driving ticket attorney. Here are some of the most common ways police may catch you for texting and driving.

  1. You Are Looking Down

If you think you’re being stealthy by keeping your phone on the center console or on your lap, think again. Constantly looking down gives the cops a good idea you’re probably looking at your phone. If you get busted for this, contact an all-traffic offense attorney from the Ticket Clinic.

  1. The Screen Glow

When you’re driving at night or very early in the morning, your screen’s glow may illuminate your face.

  1. A Bird’s-Eye View

Police forces are taking things to the next level–literally–by watching drivers from above. Cops may hang out on overpasses to spot texting drivers. Our reckless driving ticket fixers can help you fight a distracted driving violation.

  1. Police On Motorcycles Can See More

Cops on bikes can easily peer into your vehicle and see what you’re doing. This may result in you needing a distracted driving or DUI traffic ticket fix.

  1. Your Phone Is Clearly Visible

Sometimes you may absentmindedly have your phone on your steering wheel. If this is the case, the cops don’t need to look very hard to bust you.

If you get caught using your phone while driving, you may end up with points on your driving record, expensive fines, and increased insurance premiums. However, we have the best accident ticket lawyers at the Ticket Clinic who have experience getting texting tickets thrown out or reduced. Call 1-800-248-2846 for a free consultation.