Traffic Court Oakland

Traffic Courthouse in Oakland

Drivers everywhere frequently find themselves on the wrong end of a ticket they don’t agree with. Traffic ticket court can be overwhelming for drivers unfamiliar with the process, and while it’s tempting to boycott the citation, this can ultimately mean bad things for your driving record. Instead of letting the ticket go unpaid, let The Ticket Clinic fight back on your behalf.

We are a legitimate law firm made up of real attorneys. We know your rights, and we won’t let your case be mishandled or poorly fought. You don’t have to pay a ticket that never should have been issued in the first place.

We Know What to Do

Our attorneys have years of experience in navigating the process of contesting a ticket. Instead of just filing some paperwork, we will actually go to Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse in Oakland to make sure your case is handled in a thorough and careful manner. We get the job done against a number of traffic court violations and reckless driving citations:

  • Red light tickets
  • Speeding tickets
  • DUIs
  • Accidents
  • Reckless driving

DUIs can be particularly crippling. It’s remarkably easy for an officer to improperly follow procedure when pulling you over and testing for alcohol content. These mistakes can result in you being wrongly issued a DUI ticket. We’ll investigate the incident to uncover these errors and make sure your record is redeemed.

We’ll Fight for You

Over our 30 years in business, we’ve developed proven strategies that take the stress out of the driver’s hands. With a rate of success of 80% and over 3 million cases fought, we’ve got the experience to help you with your Oakland traffic ticket.

If you’ve been issued a ticket you don’t agree with, we’ve got your back! You can setup a free consultation with us and we’ll share how we can help you in traffic court. Call us now at 1-800-248-2846 or fill out the online form.