Traffic Court Kings

Traffic Courthouse in Kings County

After receiving a Kings traffic ticket, you will be instructed whether or not you are required to make a court appearance. If you are not required to make an appearance at the traffic court in Hanford, you have a choice whether or not to contest the ticket or merely pay the fine. Bear in mind that if you choose to pay the fine, you will not be able to change your mind later and schedule a court date.

If you choose to challenge the ticket in traffic court, you then have another choice to make: you can either represent yourself in court, or you can hire a traffic lawyer to represent you. Hiring a lawyer can benefit you in several ways, particularly if the violation is of a more serious nature, such as reckless driving or DUI. An experienced lawyer from The Ticket Clinic can help you to save time, money, and your reputation.

Save Time

If your violation requires a court appearance and you choose to represent yourself, then you must show up promptly for your designated court date. However, did you know that if you hire a traffic lawyer to represent you, you may not need to attend court at all? In some cases, your lawyer can attend the court date in your stead, in which case your physical presence in the courtroom may not be required at all.

However, it is not only time in traffic ticket court that may be saved. Offenses such as reckless driving or DUI could potentially carry a penalty of jail time. A traffic lawyer can help get the charge against you dismissed, sparing you from spending time in jail.

Save Money

Did you know the fines for reckless driving or DUI can amount to thousands of dollars? An affordable traffic lawyer from The Ticket Clinic may be able to get your fines reduced or dismissed altogether, saving you money in the long run.

Save Your Reputation

Serious traffic violations can stay on your driving record for a long time, perhaps even the rest of your life. Preserve your good name by contacting us at The Ticket Clinic today at 1-800-248-2846.