Traffic Court Colusa

Traffic Courthouse in Colusa County

The consequences of a traffic ticket are far more severe than most people think, and they do not just stop with a fine. A traffic ticket can result in points on your driving record, a suspended license, increased insurance rates and more. If you recently received a traffic citation in Colusa, do not just pay the fee and forget about it. Instead, retain the help of an aggressive ticket fixer and show up to traffic ticket court prepared to defend your rights. Call The Ticket Clinic today to learn more.

The Benefits of Going to Court

When you receive a ticket and go to court, you have one of two options: admit fault or plead not-guilty. You may wonder why you would bother to go to court at all if you just plan to admit fault. The answer is simple: in states that allow it, traffic court judges are known to give drivers a break in the form of a reduced fine when they show up to court.

If you plead not guilty and the officer isn’t there, you automatically win your case. If the officer is there, your Colusa traffic ticket attorney can argue your case and either obtain a reduced fine or a dismissal. Very seldomly will a judge require offenders to go to trial. If you are required to go to trial, however, you have more time to build a stronger case and to obtain a favorable verdict.

In short, there are three good reasons to go to court:

  1. The judge may reduce your fine simply as a thank you for showing up.
  2. The cop may not show up, in which case you automatically win.
  3. Even if you are forced to go to trial, you have time to prepare a stronger case.

Retain the Help of a Skilled Traffic Lawyer

Whether you received a reckless driving ticket or a speeding ticket, it’s worth your while to show up to traffic court. However, don’t show up alone. Increase your odds of obtaining a successful verdict and retain the help of an aggressive Colusa traffic ticket attorney. Contact The Ticket Clinic at 1-800-248-2846 or via our online contact form.