Texting & Driving

Almost everyone owns a cell phone. Unfortunately, texting violations are becoming more common. There are strict laws governing cell phone use while driving in California. Individuals are not allowed to use their devices unless they have a hands-free system installed. In other words, talking on your phone or texting without the right technology in your vehicle can distract you, which may result in traffic infractions or accidents.

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Hands free cell phone tickets can be beat

Each state has different laws regarding cell phone use while driving. In California, you may be pulled over just for using your cell phone when you’re behind the wheel. The officer will not need to cite another infraction in order to issue you a cell phone ticket. Illegal cell phone use in California is defined by a few key components:

  • Driver is using a handheld cell phone
  • Driver is using a hands-free cell phone with earpieces covering both ears
  • Driver is under the age of 18, regardless of handheld or hands-free

There is a big difference between handheld and hands-free cell phone operation, and California law enforcement officials accept that the latter is a safer option. With these stipulations, it’s easy to see that violations regarding cell phone use while driving can be difficult to interpret. There is certainly room for traffic tickets to be issued in error.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Common traffic violations involving texting

A texting while driving ticket may be given as soon as a police officer witnesses you using your device illegally. It can even occur when you’re waiting for a light to turn green. A common misconception is that the authorities can ticket someone for texting only if they commit another offense, such as running a red light or crashing into a vehicle. While traffic infractions involving texting are on the rise, many individuals also get ticketed when their vehicle isn’t moving.

Does a cell phone ticket go on your driving record?

Cell phone tickets do not add points to your California driving record. However, these tickets can be costly, especially if they start to stack up. If you were abiding by all conditions required to make the use of your cell phone safe and legal, then there is no reason you should be held accountable for this citation.

If you’ve landed yourself in this type of situation, you need someone who knows how to get out of a cell phone ticket. We’ll protect your rights as a driver and ensure that you don’t have to pay the price incurred from these expensive violations.

Fight your ticket with the help of a professional

A cell phone ticket lawyercan help you avoid paying your ticket. For a first offense, the fine is $20. It’s typically $50 for each subsequent conviction, but it can be as high as $150. This might not seem like much, but it can add up if you have several tickets.

A lawyer for cell phone ticketcan craft a strong defense in your favor. He or she can clarify if you were driving an emergency vehicle, making an emergency call, on private property or playing with another device instead, such as a GPS. If you were, then there’s a good possibility that you might receive a favorable outcome at a trial.

We can clear your name

Understand your driving when it comes to cell phone use and avoid an unfair reckless driving ticket. Let us help you when a situation was improperly evaluated. Attorneys at The Ticket Clinic know how to investigate. Contact us online today for a free consultation.