Sherman Oaks

Avoiding Traffic Court in the Valley

Sherman Oaks isn’t the sleepy town it once was. With plenty of great restaurants and bars, plus commuter congestion that rivals any place in the San Fernando Valley, many drivers find themselves in need of a Sherman Oaks traffic attorney. Ticket Clinic is here to help anyone looking to contest a recent citation, as we’re one of the best Sherman Oaks ticket fixers in the game.

Ahead of the Curve

We know all the problematic areas for Sherman Oaks drivers:

  • 405/101 interchange
  • Ventura Blvd. bars and restaurants
  • US 101 speed traps

Whether you’re pulled over after dinner and need DUI ticket lawyers or you were rushing to work and have to fight a speeding citation, our team already knows how to approach your case. Many of these routine traffic violations don’t follow correct protocol, and we’ll search for those instances to ensure you have the best chance of getting your ticket dismissed.

Justice for Motorists

We don’t believe drivers should be unjustly fined for questionable infractions, and that’s why we work diligently as speeding, DUI and red light camera attorneys. So many LA traffic tickets are simply part of a quota, meant to keep officers busy and revenue coming in. Ticket Clinic has a quota of our own, and that’s to help as many California drivers as possible to avoid the repercussions of a traffic ticket.

Driven by Results

Our rate of success is over 80 percent, and that’s because we’re willing to take your fight all the way to trial. While other Sherman Oaks speeding ticket lawyers might take your case without a real plan beyond an appeal, we employ strategies and techniques based on 30 years of experience and success.

Call the Clinic

Too many tickets are handed out to Sherman Oaks drivers, and we want to help protect the rights of people like you. Call our offices at 1-800-248-2846, or get in touch by filling out this online contact form.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Called The Ticket Clinic and spoke with Chasen. He assisted me and helped me with all my questions thank you!”-Jasmine R., Sherman Oaks