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Have an Attorney on Your Side for Every Traffic Offense

At The Ticket Clinic, we are proud of our 80 percent success rate and our reputation of being some of the best San Marcos speeding ticket lawyers. We believe that every citizen has rights, and those rights are just as important when it comes to speeding tickets as they are to any other legal issue.

If you have received a red-light ticket, a speeding ticket, been in an accident, been given a reckless driving ticket or DUI, or have a suspended license, you will benefit from contacting a qualified traffic attorney in San Marcos CA. At The Ticket Clinic, we keep our prices low so the benefits of hiring us outweighs the costs.

Our Goal for Your Case

We have many locations in California and help clients nationwide to represent their best interests in court. Our goal for our clients is no school, no court, and no points. We also try to minimize fines when possible and have long-standing relationships with our clients. That has made us some of the best accident ticket lawyers in San Marcos.

When you are given any type of ticket, you have the right to fight it, but you should always have the right people on your team. Working with The Ticket Clinic and our speeding ticket lawyers ensures that you have someone in court to help you navigate a complicated legal system that doesn’t always work in your favor. We show up physically in court, so you have someone to guide you from start to finish.

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We stand ready to take your call when you need a San Marcos DUI ticket lawyer, a reckless driving lawyer, or just someone to give you advice on a speeding ticket. Give us a call today at 1-800-248-2846 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.