Defend Your Pasadena Traffic Ticket

A traffic ticket can end up as much more than a ticket. For example, say that you receive four tickets in 12 months and get four points on your driving record. In California, that could mean you lose some or all of your driving privileges. In fact, your license could be suspended. It could also be suspended if you do not pay a ticket or otherwise respond to an alleged violation. Fortunately, you can find a Pasadena traffic ticket lawyer at places such as The Ticket Clinic.

A Genuine Law Firm Goes to Bat for You

The Ticket Clinic is capable of helping a wide range of drivers with their tickets. For example, if you need an accident ticket fix, there are many methods that have worked for our clients in the past. Similarly, if your license has been suspended or is in danger of that, a consultation with an unpaid suspended ticket license lawyer at our firm should clarify some issues and may result in good news.

In fact, while some other services do little more than push paperwork around, we use real lawyers for your case and gladly go to trial if necessary. The fact is that police officers do not always follow proper procedures, and we have honed many defense strategies that we use to fight tickets effectively. For example, a Pasadena speeding ticket attorney at our firm is in a good position to gauge whether there could have been a problem with the pace clock, laser or radar technique police used to measure how fast your car was traveling.

We Handle Many Matters

The matters we handle go past speeding tickets. We’re happy to help you with issues including:

  • DUIs
  • License suspensions
  • Accidents
  • Fix-it tickets
  • Red-light violations
  • Reckless driving

Red light cameras in particular have become more of an issue lately. They are problematic in that drivers are not always clearly identified, notification can take a long time and witnesses are rare. Plus, the cameras do not improve safety.

Get in Touch

We have a checklist that covers everything a police officer must do when ticketing you. To find out more about that or to set up a consultation, contact us online or call 1-800-CITATION (248-2846).

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Excellent work, great value!!! Very professional and efficient. Thanks for the great representation. Case dismissed!”-Scott M., Pasadena