Imperial Beach

The Best Imperial Beach Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Before you accept fault and pay a fine for any traffic offense you’ve received in Imperial Beach, you should consult a legal professional here at The Ticket Clinic. We have the best accident ticket lawyers in the state and have represented and obtained successful results for millions of cases. We have an 80% success rate in getting our clients’ charges dropped, avoiding points, and staying out of traffic school.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Attorney in Imperial Beach?

If you’ve been given an Imperial Beach speeding ticket or citation that you’d like to fight, it can be hard to know the right way to go about it. Hiring experienced red light ticket defense attorneys can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. Our team will work closely with you to gather all the information we need to fight the case and, if necessary, will even go to court for you. We have one major goal – to get your charges dismissed or lessened; and we’ll do everything within our power to make that happen.

Our Practice Areas

Here at the Ticket Clinic, we do more than just fight speeding tickets. Whether you need an Imperial Beach DUI attorney to help fight DUI charges or you’re facing a suspended license from reckless driving, we can help. Here are our main practice areas:

  • DUIs
  • Accidents
  • Licenses that have been suspended
  • Reckless driving citations
  • Speeding citations
  • Red light citations

You can count on us to help you protect your rights and get you the best possible outcome from your case.

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We stand ready to help you protect your license and your freedom no matter where you live in California. Our services are affordable, convenient, and we have a high success rate for getting favorable results. For questions, call us at 1-800-248-2846 or use this online form. Contact us today!