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Case Dismissed: Fighting Your Ticket in Fountain Valley

Traffic tickets come with a lot of baggage, from immediate fines to inflated insurance premiums. With numerous highways, varying speed limits, and rotating DUI checkpoints, Fountain Valley drivers have plenty of opportunities to get cited by a traffic cop. If you want to get your ticket dismissed, you need a professional in your corner. You need the Fountain Valley traffic ticket lawyers at Ticket Clinic.

Personalized Assistance

What’s the point of hiring a lawyer if that person doesn’t care about the details your case? At Ticket Clinic, we don’t use apps or automated servers, ensuring you’ll always work with an attorney who understands your unique situation. We also handle a variety of traffic incidents, being:

  • Reckless driving citations
  • Speeding tickets
  • Accidents and collisions
  • Suspended licenses
  • Red light cameras

If you need a red light ticket attorney in Fountain Valley, that’s very different than someone looking for a suspended license ticket fix. With numerous attorneys trained in all aspects of traffic law, Ticket Clinic will get you the help you’re looking for. Our detailed process accounts for the infinite variables that come with these infractions, enabling us to find useful evidence other lawyers might overlook.

With You Every Step of the Way

We are among the best accident ticket lawyers and ticket fixers in Southern California because we leave no stone unturned. If for any reason you get pulled over and find yourself in need of a Fountain Valley DUI ticket lawyer, we will explore every option for having your case dismissed. From faulty machinery to improper conduct, we’ll exhaust every angle in hopes of getting you the right verdict.

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The longer you wait to fight your ticket, the worse your odds of success become. To get a free consultation and figure out your next step, call us at 1-800-248-2846 or stay on your computer and fill out this online contact form.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend this service to anyone who has received a traffic citation or DUI arrest. Back in May I was issued two traffic citations, for speeding and improper lane change. The Ticket Clinic got my charges dismissed and I was very pleased since I have a California commercial drivers license.”-Melvin W., Fountain Valley