Avoiding the High Cost of a Traffic Citation

If you have recently been issued a Folsom speeding ticket, or any other type of traffic citation, you may need the legal guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney. A citation may not seem like a major deal, but if you accumulate too many, the state does have the right to suspend or revoke your license. Whether you need a red light ticket attorney or an attorney with a history of successfully trying DUI cases, our law firm can help you clear your name and fight back against your charges.

The Consequences of a Conviction

If you have received any type of Folsom citation, we can help you establish a case that may be able to get your charges reduced or dropped. We help motorists from all backgrounds fight back against red light, speeding, DUI, and suspended license tickets. We can even help individuals who have been involved in traffic accidents handle insurance companies and reckless drivers. We offer free consultations, and one of our best accident ticket lawyers may be able to help you avoid the following legal penalties:

  • Suspension or permanent revocation of license
  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Legal fines
  • Community service

Some traffic offenses are considered criminal by nature in California, and anyone convicted of such a crime will face criminal penalties in addition to any penalties imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Drivers with multiple convictions and citations on their records will also be subject to much higher car insurance costs, and to make matters worse, many car insurance companies will not cover high-risk drivers at all.

Talk to an Attorney Today

If you need the help of a Folsom traffic attorney, The Ticket Clinic may be able to offer you the legal assistance you need. We accept a wide variety of traffic offense cases and our prices are highly competitive. Talk to one of our legal professionals today by calling 1-800-248-2846 or filling out our online contact form here.