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Empowering Buena Park Drivers

It’s easy to feel helpless and like the system has won if you receive a traffic ticket or charge. However, Buena Park traffic ticket lawyers with The Ticket Clinic want to help if they can. We assist clients in the following areas.

  • DUI
  • Reckless driving
  • Accidents
  • Speeding
  • Suspended licenses
  • Red lights
  • Fix-its

Take the first step today and get in touch with our Los Angeles, CA, traffic ticket lawyers who have a proven record of affordability, effectiveness, and convenience. In fact, we have an 80 percent success rate nationwide with more than 3 million cases and nearly 30 years of experience.

The Importance of Taking Action

Many drivers care about keeping their license and maintaining low insurance rates. Unfortunately, just a few traffic tickets in a few years can lead to high insurance rates and the loss of your license. That’s why, if you get a ticket for something such as speeding, it’s good to speak with a Buena Park speeding ticket attorney before paying your ticket, ignoring it, or fighting it yourself.

Then, there are criminal charges such as those for reckless driving and DUI’s. Any DUI traffic ticket attorney you retain should be knowledgeable about the ways in which police officers can violate the rights of the drivers they pull over and how officers might give tests improperly. For example, a roadside test may not have been appropriate in your case if you wear glasses, contact lenses, dental devices, were fatigued, or have a physical disability.

Similarly, an accident ticket attorney in Buena Park should make police and prosecutors prove their case that a U-turn, no-turn signal, or some other violation led to the accident.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The Ticket Clinic got my ticket completely dismissed.  No points and no conviction.  It took about 7 months to get it all done, but it was well worth the wait.”-Dan S., Buena Park