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Upholding Your Rights after a Balboa Island Traffic Ticket

Life can be good in the Balboa Island area, but if you’ve gotten a traffic ticket, you know how much of a damper it can be. However, did you know that it could go beyond being a damper? Even something such as one or two Balboa Island speeding tickets can cause your insurance premiums to increase. That’s just one of the reasons it may be worth your while to consult Balboa Island traffic lawyers.

Why Fighting a Ticket Can Pay Off

A traffic ticket often costs more than the amount you owe. As touched on above, your insurance is likely to increase, and if the ticket is one of a series, you could lose your license. For example, in California, it takes a mere four points in 12 months for your license to be in jeopardy. Over 24 months, it takes six points. Similarly, a careless driving ticket attorney can tell you that your first offense may end up with you paying several thousand dollars. Your car may be impounded, and your job might be in jeopardy if your license is suspended for as long as a month and if you are sentenced to jail for 90 days.

On the other hand, for a convenient and affordable price, you can work with lawyers such as those at The Ticket Clinic to explore ways to get your tickets reduced or dismissed.

Why Choose The Ticket Clinic?

The Ticket Clinic is staffed by genuine lawyers and experienced personnel who have a success rate of 80-plus percent nationwide. In almost 30 years of operation, we’ve handled at least 3 million cases, and in a significant chunk of cases, we’ve achieved optimal outcomes our clients wouldn’t have imagined were possible. Part of that is because we know which mistakes police officers and prosecutors tend to make. We’re also aware of which arguments work best with certain judges.

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Don’t let these Balboa Island red light tickets get you down any more than they have already. Contact The Ticket Clinic today whether you need a suspended license lawyer or someone to help with tickets for DUI, reckless driving, red lights, speeding or accidents. Call 1-800-CITATION (248-2846) or submit an online contact form.