Fight Back Against Unfair Traffic Tickets

No one should have to pay the consequences for something they didn’t do. If you’ve ever been the recipient of an unfair traffic violation in Arcadia, you know how expensive these tickets can be. If the offense is especially severe, the cost can extend far beyond the fee you wind up paying, even leading to a permanent mark on your driving record. When you find yourself in this situation, you need an Arcadia DUI ticket attorney.

We Contest Unfair DUIs

A police officer determines whether you’ve been driving under the influence by performing a battery of tests. If these tests are performed incorrectly or if results are skewed based on the officer’s first impression of you, you can easily be unfairly accused of committing a DUI. The Ticket Clinic can investigate on your behalf to ensure the officer’s examination met all the required regulations.

We’re Prepared for Any Fight

In addition to fighting DUIs, we’re eager to help you beat many other violations. Whether you find yourself the unfortunate star of Arcadia red light cameras or you simply need a speeding ticket fix, we’ll represent your best interests. You can count on us in a variety of situations:

  • Red light violations
  • Accidents
  • Speeding
  • DUI tickets
  • Reckless driving

Many violations can lead to your license being suspended, which becomes more than just an inconvenience if you commute to work. A careless driving ticket lawyer can play a huge role in minimizing the aggravation.

We Do It All

Some places that claim to fight your ticket submit some paperwork and hope for the best. At The Ticket Clinic, you’ll work with a real Arcadia traffic lawyer who is ready to go to trial for you. We make sure your rights are protected and you’re given the fair treatment you deserve. Fill out our online form or contact us now at 1-800-248-2846 for your consultation.