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Many people in Garden Grove pride themselves on their driving skills, so it can be dismaying to find yourself on the receiving end of a traffic ticket or charge. Although it is easy to try and ignore a ticket, you are better off addressing it as soon as possible. A law firm such as The Ticket Clinic may be able to step in for a wide range of issues, including Garden Grove red light cameras or a speeding ticket fix.

Why Seek Help?

Paying a ticket can prove to be costly down the road if your insurance premiums go up. There is also the fact that if you get multiple points on your license in a certain period of time, it can be suspended. Ignoring a ticket may also lead to your license being suspended and a rise in your insurance costs.

The Ticket Clinic follows a 22-point checklist to try to poke holes or discover irregularities in the case that police have made and that prosecutors put on. If necessary, we will go to trial to defend your rights. We believe that the law should be held accountable for treating people unfairly.

Diverse Array of Services

A Garden Grove traffic lawyer should be capable of assisting you with issues such as:

  • Licencias suspendidas
  • Cargos por DUI
  • Fix-its
  • Multas por semáforo en rojo
  • Accident charges
  • Cargos por conducción temeraria

For example, a Garden Grove DUI ticket attorney with our firm understands the devastating consequences tied to a DUI conviction. Moreover, many years of experience have shown our attorneys that police do not always have a good reason for pulling someone over, nor do they always administer field sobriety tests and other tests in fair conditions.

Whether you need a careless driving ticket lawyer or a lawyer who can help with another issue, you can get in touch with us for a free consultation. Call 1-800-CITATION (248-2846) or submit an online contact form.

Qué están diciendo nuestros clientes

They took care of me…and they can take care of you. The only way to go if you received a ticket is to call The Ticket Clinic. Great service.”-Kyle A., Garden Grove