How To Navigate Los Angeles Traffic Tickets

Maybe you were going too fast or just had a quick lapse in judgment and were allegedly caught breaking a traffic law. Just because you’ve gotten a ticket doesn’t mean that you’re automatically faced with fines and potential damage to your driving record. There’s always options especially in the Los Angeles area where The Ticket […]

When Can an Officer Really Pull You Over in California? 


You hope that you’ll never get pulled over and have to deal with the awkward situation of handing over your license and registration, but are you prepared for what to do if that happens? Do you know your rights? Before an officer can pull you over in California, certain grounds must be met. If you’re […]

Speeding Over 100MPH Is A Fast Growing Trend – California Traffic Enforcement Update

Less traffic and open highways throughout California are contributing to an uptick in certain types of traffic tickets. Even with fewer people are travelling, law enforcement is working closely with Caltrans on safe transportation initiatives despite decreased driver presence on state roadways due to stay-at-home orders. Many drivers are taking advantage of less congested roads […]

How To Beat A California Speeding Ticket Issued By An Airplane Unit

Courts Closed Due To Coronavirus, Traffic TIcket, speeding ticket

The State of California uses airplane units for a wide range of purposes. From surveillance to suspect apprehension to identifying hazardous road conditions, an eye from the sky is a vital part of efficient law enforcement practice. Although these airplane units have many beneficial uses, there are serious questions about their role in traffic enforcement, […]

How To Reduce Your DUI Charges

Convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) are notoriously expensive, especially in California where court fines and fees can add up to thousands of dollars over the base price of the ticket. An experienced DUI lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and potentially lower the cost of your charges. Can DUI be reduced to reckless […]

California Driving With the Flow of Traffic Ticket

Posted speed limits are straightforward figures displayed on roadside boards, and the law requires motorists to drive at or under that number. However, a problem arises when you find yourself driving with the flow of traffic in California and you notice your speed is well over the speed limit. When you are one of many […]

5 Things To Know About Rolling Stop Violations in California

Whether it’s an intersection without much traffic or a rushed day, it is easy to glide through a stop sign if no vehicles are in sight. Often referred to as a California rollstop sign, this practice may result in a ticket and a point on your driving record. Here are some tips about this common […]

What Is a “Speed Trap” & Are They Legal in California?

In general, a police speed trap is any technique used by police to catch speeders with the primary intent of raising revenue through issuing tickets. When police enforce speed limits to ensure safety, it is not a speed trap. However, enforcement isn’t always so genuinely motivated. If the goal is to issue tickets to meet […]

The 4 Major Speed Laws in California

California drivers as well as those who are just passing through should be aware of the state’s four major speed laws. If you run into trouble and receive an expensive fine or points on your license, speeding ticket lawyers can advocate on your behalf. Here’s what you need to know. Basic Speed Law According to […]

DUI FAQ: Does Mouthwash Affect a Breathalyzer Test?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence but did not drink before driving, you are likely both frightened about facing drunk driving penalties and confused about how the breathalyzer test detected alcohol in your system. Can you fail a breathalyzer test from mouthwash? Get the facts, then seek DUI assistance from a […]