8 Facts to Know About Driving and Texting

julio 9, 2019

You likely know that texting and driving can be dangerous. However, there are probably somefacts about texting and drivingyou didn’t know. Some of these make it clear why so many people need to work with a texting and driver lawyer to fight these tickets. These are some texting and driving factsto know:

  1. It Is Illegal in Most States

Texting while driving is illegal in California and in most other states. If you are not certain what the local laws are for you, assume it is banned.

  1. You Probably Aren’t That Sneaky

In California, police officers can pull you over for texting and driving. However, they have discretion about who they pull over. Chances are, they know you are texting but let it slide, even if you think you are being sneaky.

  1. Texts Can Be Used Against You

Prosecutors may use your texts to show that you were texting while driving. This hard evidence can be difficult to fight.

  1. It Isn’t Just Texting

Most bans on texting are actually on cellphone usage or distracted driving. In California, you cannot use a cellphone while driving unless it is handsfree.

  1. Texting Makes Crashes Much More Likely

Texting and driving is dangerous. You may be over 20 times more likely to crash if you are texting.

  1. Teens Are The Most Likely To Crash

Distracted driving is especially bad among teens. It is one of the leading causes of fatal crashes.

  1. The Costs Get Steep

While the initial fine for texting and driving in California is only $20, expect to pay closer to $150. Additionally, it can lead to increases in insurance costs.

  1. People Don’t Take it Seriously

The unfortunate truth is that people don’t think texting and driving is serious. Don’t be blasé about your safety.

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These driving while texting factshopefully show you how serious this offense can be. If you find yourself slapped with a ticket, get help from a lawyer for reckless driving and distracted driving. It may help you avoid the more severe penalties.