What Happens If You Miss Your Court Date for a Traffic Ticket?

June 4, 2018

Let’s face it. Everyone makes costly mistakes at one point or another. One common mistake that happens to even the most responsible drivers is missing their court date for a traffic ticket. This happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, life gets in the way, work gets too demanding or family issues prevent drivers from going to court. In this situation, it’s best to deal with the consequence and get help from a ticket cleaner instead of avoiding the issue.

Warrant for Arrest

The first thing that could happen if you miss any court date is that an arrest warrant could be issued for you. In some cases, this is the first clue that you may have forgotten about a ticket or a court date. It can be scary knowing there is a warrant out for your arrest for an unpaid suspended license ticket, but if you address it immediately, things can get solved.

Driver’s License Suspension

Some drivers then get slapped with an additional consequence of a suspended driver’s license after missing court. You’ll need to get help from a careless driving ticket attorney to fight this potential pitfall.

High Penalties

Missing court could also result in high penalties added to your ticket. It’s possible to fight these charges and pay much less if you have an all traffic offense attorney on your side.

Contact a Lawyer

It makes the most sense to immediately get help from the best accident ticket lawyers if you have missed a court date. Trying to handle this by yourself could be a mistake.

Get It Dismissed

With your lawyer, you could potentially get your charges dropped or your case dismissed, giving you back some relief and taking away the stress. Then, you can just focus on the original ticket.

When you miss court for your traffic ticket, contact The Ticket Clinic as soon as possible. Don’t let this issue fester and get worse.