Top 10 Cars Most Likely to Be Pulled Over

March 21, 2018

Even if you are doing your best to avoid going over the speed limit, changing lanes without signaling, and you are observing all the traffic laws you know, certain drivers just find themselves being pulled over more often than others. It helps to know who to call for a speeding ticket fix, but if you’re looking to avoid having to call a careless driving ticket attorney in the first place, it helps to know which cars get targeted.

Top Cars Pulled Over in California

  1. Subaru WRX
  2. Pontiac GTO
  3. Scion FR-S
  4. Toyota Supra
  5. Subaru Tribeca
  6. Volkswagen Rabbit
  7. Mercury Topaz
  8. Scion tC
  9. Toyota FJ Cruiser
  10. Mazda 2

Every single car on this list has such a high rate of being pulled over and ticketed. Over a quarter of the vehicle’s owners in the U.S. have been given traffic tickets after being pulled over. It’s obvious that most of them have a common form factor, which has led some enthusiasts to speculate that law enforcement looks for a certain kind of vehicle to ticket.

Reach Out to Reckless Driving Ticket Fixers

If you have been pulled over for speeding, reckless driving, or any other offense, you need to talk to an attorney about your options. Not only can a traffic attorney help you with a DUI ticket fix, an attorney can also serve as a resource for a variety of other traffic offenses in the event you are accused again in the future. It’s even possible for an experienced attorney to fix a red light camera ticket under the right circumstances.

Each individual ticket is different. Sometimes, it’s not possible to totally beat a ticket, but even then a lawyer can help you negotiate for a better outcome than you would have received on your own. If you need advice about a recent traffic ticket before you fight it, contact Ticket Clinic today.