How to Be Safe Around Aggressive Drivers

July 17, 2018

Whether you’re a beginning or a seasoned driver, you’re bound to come across aggressive drivers at some point while you’re on the road. It’s not enough to just practice safe driving techniques on today’s fast-paced roadways. You must also learn to drive defensively if you want to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Here are eight tips for staying safe around aggressive drivers when you’re behind the wheel.

  1. Stay in the Right Lane

Aggressive drivers tend to stick to the left lane, which is commonly referred to as the “passing lane”. Avoid accidents with reckless drivers by staying in the right lane as much as possible. If you need to pass another vehicle, it is best to move over to the left lane and pass them safely on their left side before moving back to the right lane.

  1. Move Over

No matter what lane you’re in, if an aggressive driver comes up on you quickly and doesn’t go around you, it is best to get out of his or her way. Make sure you use your blinker before moving so the inconsiderate driver knows you’re moving over.

  1. Stay Calm 

It can be irritating to share the road with inconsiderate drivers, but it’s important to keep calm. If you allow yourself to get riled up, you’re more likely to make unwise decisions that could put you in a compromising situation. One of the most important driving tips is to stay in control of your emotions while you’re operating a vehicle. Take a deep breath, keep your focus on the road and don’t take it personally when an aggressive driver cuts you off or tailgates you.

  1. Don’t Retaliate

The worst thing you can do when confronted by a reckless driver is retaliate. Don’t provoke the other driver to drive even more dangerously by driving aggressively yourself. Never “brake check” a tailgating vehicle by slamming on your brakes. Instead, get out of the other driver’s way as safely and calmly as you can.

  1. Don’t Make Rude Gestures

If you’re tempted to make obscene gestures to a rude driver, pretend your hands are glued to your steering wheel. That’s where they should remain, anyway, if you want to maintain maximum control over your vehicle in a stressful situation. Flashing rude gestures at the other driver will only escalate the situation and make it more dangerous for you and everyone around you.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Sometimes all it takes to egg on a reckless driver is to make eye contact with him or her. You may need to keep an eye on the offending driver’s vehicle to make sure you stay clear of it, but avoid looking in the driver’s eyes if possible.

  1. Always Obey the Law

Always obey the laws of the road, including the speed limit. Even if an impatient driver is tailgating you, don’t allow him or her to pressure you into speeding. Move over if possible. If you can’t move over or if you’re on a one-lane road, continue to drive the speed limit and look for opportunities to safely get out of the offending driver’s way.

  1. Safely Report Aggressive Drivers

If you notice someone driving aggressively, safely report the incident to the appropriate authorities. In many states, it is illegal to operate your cell phone using your hands, so make sure you use a hands-free device. You can also ask a passenger to report an aggressive driver so you can keep your attention on the road in front of you.

Take Action

Even if you drive safe, you could still become involved in an accident or you could be given an unfair ticket. Ticket lawyers may be able to help you fight – and win – your case. For a free consultation from The Ticket Clinic, fill out our online form or call us at 1-800-248-2846.