Actions That Lead to Loss of Driving Privileges

June 4, 2018

Operating a vehicle is a privilege many people take for granted. When you get behind the wheel, you accept a great responsibility, and it’s important to remain aware of that. As years go by and you lose sight of some of the rules of the road, it’s important to remember certain actions can cost you your right to drive.

Reckless and Dangerous Driving

This category is purposefully vague, and if you receive this type of citation you’ll likely need an all traffic offense attorney to help you out. Reckless driving is worse than careless driving, but it encompasses any form of “willful or wanton disregard” for the people and property around you. Depending on your citation, you may need the help of a speeding ticket lawyer or a DUI attorney. If convicted, your license will almost certainly be revoked.

Unpaid Tickets

While negligent driving is far worse than the negligent handling of a citation, the end result can be the same. An unpaid suspended license ticket can turn a minor offense into a major problem if you don’t pay your ticket.


This is one of the most common reasons for people to lose their driving privileges, though a DUI comes with so many other drawbacks:

  • Exorbitant fees
  • Jail time
  • Impounded vehicle
  • Penalties from court and DMV

No one is convicted of drinking and driving and gets away with a slap on the wrist. Your license will be revoked for at least 30 days, and likely more if you don’t have the right defense. With each offense, things can get dramatically worse.

Fight and Win

Life is hard enough without a suspended license. If you’re battling a citation, The Ticket Clinic will give you the best odds of a favorable ruling. Whether you’re fighting a traffic violation or need the best accident ticket lawyers, the smart move is to call The Ticket Clinic at 1-800-248-2846.