5 Ways to Get Points on Your California Driver’s License

March 21, 2018

In California, if you get four points on your driving record within 12 months, the state will suspend your license. A Los Angeles ticket attorney can help take points off a record. As well, there are various infractions that you will want Ticket Clinic’s reckless driving ticket fixers to handle to avoid putting your license at risk.

  1. Speeding

Going any amount over the speed limit is considered speeding, and it results in one point on your record. A speeding ticket fix from an all traffic offense attorney can keep the point off while saving you potentially hundreds of dollars in fines. You get two points on your record if your vehicle was travelling over 100 mph.

  1. Running a Red Light

Running a red light leads to one point going on your record. This holds true even if you ran a red light in another state.

  1. Driving with a Suspended License

If your license is already suspended for whatever reason, you will get in serious trouble if you are caught. In addition to hefty fines and jail time, two more points will go on your record.

  1. DUI

Even for a first offense, a DUI can lead to jail time. Two points will also go on your record, but your license may be suspended even though you have not accumulated four points yet. Most courts suspend a license for at least six months with a DUI conviction, which is why you should trust Ticket Clinic with an effective DUI traffic ticket fix.

  1. Making an Illegal U-Turn

Taking a U-turn when you are not supposed to will result in a fine ranging between $200 and $400. Additionally, one point will go on your record.

Even if you pay the ticket, the points will remain on your record. Regardless of the traffic violation, hire an attorney from Ticket Clinic by calling 1-800-248-2846 to keep your record spotless.