5 Reasons to Fight a Speeding Ticket

March 21, 2018

Almost anywhere, people speed. However, if you get caught, you may be seriously inconvenienced. Although it may not seem too severe, you still want to hire an all traffic offense attorney to provide you with an effective speeding ticket fix.

  1. Risk of License Suspension

Every traffic infraction puts points on your record. In California, if you accumulate four points in less than a year, then you will lose your license for a specified period of time. This will require you to hire a suspended license lawyer down the road, so it is best to avoid points when possible.

  1. Fines Can Be Huge

Speeding tickets come with a base fine of $35 when you go 10 miles over the speed limit. However, between state penalty assessments, state surcharges, and court operations assessments, your ticket can exceed $200.

  1. Increase in Insurance

Regardless of how much the ticket is, you could pay a lot more in heightened insurance costs. Even if you have an otherwise clean record, your insurance premiums may increase by 10 or 20 percent.

  1. Potentially No Evidence

 If there was no camera present where you were pulled over and the cop did not show you the radar gun clock, then there may be no evidence. The best accident ticket lawyers will implement various techniques to prove beyond a reasonable doubt you did not actually speed.

  1. The Cop May Not Appear in Court

 If you take your ticket case to court and the cop does not show up, then you automatically win. Many drivers are more than willing to roll the dice and win a case on sheer luck. However, you should still prepare adequately and have an experienced lawyer in your corner.

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