2018 5 Uber App Updates

June 5, 2018

If you drive for Uber, you are well aware that the company regularly updates its apps. However, while you may be used to some bug fixes and a few new features here and there, Uber has completely redesigned both the Driver and rider apps. There are tons of new features that will change the way you drive for the ridesharing service. Here are some of the most important updates you should know about.

  1. Earnings Tracker – This feature is at the top of the screen and updates your earnings in real-time. You will always be able to see how much you’re making. You may find this function especially helpful if you’re trying to save up to pay for a careless driving ticket.
  2. Status Bar – The brand new Status Bar makes it easy to keep track of nearby opportunities and market conditions. All you have to do is tap on a recommended opportunity and the app will give you directions so you can make some extra bucks.
  • Driver Profile – Your profile will now look like a social media page where you can showcase as much of yourself as you want. It’s easier for riders to learn more about you.
  • Notifications – The revamped Notifications function allows you to receive messages about feedback, earning opportunities, and important details about your account.
  • Rider Updates – Riders are getting multiple updates too. They can easily notify trusted contacts about their trips and conveniently dial 911 in case of an emergency. If a rider feels unsafe about your speeding, you may be in for a visit from the cops, so be sure to get a speeding ticket fix from The Ticket Clinic.

You may get a traffic ticket while driving for Uber. If you do, don’t pay your ticket right away. Instead, call an all traffic offense attorney. A traffic accident ticket lawyer from The Ticket Clinic can help you fix any type of traffic violation.