10 Ways to Get Out of Paying Your Traffic Fine

August 7, 2018

If you were running late for work or in a hurry to get to an appointment and you got a speeding ticket, here are some tips to avoid paying your traffic fines.

  1. Follow the Law –You are less likely to be ticketed if you blend in with the rest of traffic. Wear your seatbelt, make sure headlights and brake lights work and drive similar speeds as those around you.
  1. Be Respectful –Slow down and carefully pull to the side when you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Saying Sir or Ma’am and please and thank you may get you a warning instead of a ticket.
  1. Take Responsibility –Once the officer tells you why you were stopped, own up and accept the citation politely.
  1. Grovel –Throw dignity out the window and try apologizing. The officer can choose to issue a warning rather than a ticket.
  1. Skip the Theatrics –Crying, arguing or threatening the officer may make things worse not better.
  1. Ask Questions –Ask about the equipment responsible for tagging you including calibration dates. This can be used to fight traffic ticket in court to get the charges dismissed.
  1. Prepare –There are a few reasons that tickets can be dismissed. Prepare for all possibilities from defective equipment to wrong information on the citation.
  1. Make an Appointment –Ask for the officer’s contact information and discuss your case with them during business hours. Give the officer reasons for dismissing the charges.
  1. Go to Court –Don’t use the pay my ticket online option. If the officer is not in court at your arraignment, the charges can be dismissed.
  1. Get a Traffic Lawyer– Attorneys experienced in traffic court can help eliminate or reduce the fines. You may not even need to see the inside of the courtroom for speeding or a red light ticket.

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